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This cosmopolitan collection is composed of architectural earrings that are inspired by the world and its beautiful geographies.

China China Earrings

Inspired by the country of China, we stacked up bright red and gold pillars to create an oriental-emperor-palace vibe for this piece.

Revolving World/The Capitol Earrings

These revolving world earrings is inspired by the movie Hunger Games. The Capitol, a technologically advanced, utopian city, is also where the Hunger Games fighting arena is held, which reflects the form of this piece that’s similar to a contained capsule environment.

Las Vegas Earrings

This fun and flashy piece is filled with shiny billboards lit up with rhinestones and crystals to mimic the signature billboards of the hotels along the Vegas strip, and colorful buildings lit up with colorful rhinestones to mimic the fabulous hotels.

Arabian Nights Earrings

This piece mimics the beautiful aches and domes of Arabian palaces, and carries its exotic and magical vibe.

Morocco Earrings

Our favorite umbrella design is inspired this time by Morocco, with the beautiful arches and domes of its palaces, lush colors and intricate details.

Jai Ho Jaipur Earrings

Our favorite umbrella design is inspired this time by the exotic charm of Jaipur. The form mimics the beautiful arches and domes of palaces in rich and intricate details that move and sparkle with movement.