Zoo Girl Collection 2022 - Flutter Statement
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Inspired by the animal kingdom, this collection is made up of cute and quirky pop art pieces that light up every girl’s spirit animal.

Cotton Candy Poodle Earrings

Pink and blue poodle walking in the park,
greeting everyone with its cute little bark,
It’s so cute and chic with all its poof and puff,
A perfect girl’s accessory with all her cute stuff.

Blue Hummingbird Earrings

Little blue bird, perched on a tree,
Chirping and humming in a songful melody
Your sparkly blue feathers are so very pretty,
Perfect to adorn the ears of a free spirit lady.

Three Little Ducks Earrings

By the pond are six little ducklings,
They group together to form these earrings
Waddling and quacking they’re so adorable
They make these earrings so irresistible.

Cruella's Poodle Earrings

This poodle that’s sweeter than a creampuff,
Looking so stylish with its sparkly poof and puff,
It’s black and white like Cruella, so chic and so tough,
Own these poodles, come give them some love.

Sexy Salamander Earrings

An ode to all the sexy reptiles around the world,
That people fear of, but are colorful and diverse,
They are slender, sleek, fast and beautiful,
Just like these hot golden red salamanders.

Butterfly's Kiss Earrings

Fluttering its pretty little wings,
A burst of life and color these butterflies bring,
People delight, yet rarely see,
The changes they go through to achieve their beauty.

Kung Fu Panda Earrings

In the Valley of Peace lives a clumsy Panda Po,
But he’s the protector of the valley don’t you know,
He runs a noodle restaurant with his father,
But eventually became a kung fu master.

Golden Falcon Earrings

Its strong wings piercing the skies,
Gliding with frenzy beating the sunrise,
Beautiful falcon, so sharp and so strong
Flying up in the sky, all day long.

Foxy Girl Earrings

A fox sips water by the lake,
Sitting and chilling and taking a break,
So sly and mischievous it always seems,
So we turned it cute and quirky for these earrings.

Yellow Hummingbird Earrings

This canary bird, chirping and chirping,
Flying across a tree limb, flapping its wings,
Flying over the flowers and up in the sky,
So full of love and warmth, despite flying so high.