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These gold mirror mosaic earrings are inspired by the Cosmos, a vast and boundless universe that we live in—with its many planets, stars, meteors and everything that makes up the galaxies. Yet, despite the vastness of it all, the human race lives only in a small portion of the world, all belonging in one large universal community. We are just a dot in this wide wonderful expanse of the universe, but we become larger if we work together as a community.

The Gold Cosmos Earrings are part of our Intergalactica collection inspired by the cosmos, which in Mediterranean folklore, is the complex interrelationship between the heavens and people, all placed in one universe. The universe refers to the totality of all that exists, the entirety of space, time matter, energy and information. It is a collection that tells of the beauty of the infinite, and the universe created by God through his power of love.



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