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Moksha Colada


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These tropical yellow earrings are inspired by the mixed vibe of the sunny tropics and exotic East. Each earring is carefully measured and patterned, intricately hand sewn and assembled, and takes several days to finish. The parasols are made with yellow Japanese silk, and Japanese and Taiwanese seed beads, and adorned with round Howlite stones for the studs and some cool retro vinyl beads in ice yellow, metallic mints and limes for that extra funk, making this pair eclectic. Wear it with your flowing dresses for a boho feminine vibe, or wear it with a bodysuit for a more retro feel. And don’t forget to pack it to your exotic vacation.

Sunny Bali is a collection of Eastern bohemian earrings inspired by the colorful Balinese parasols in Seminyak beach, Bali. These parasol earrings that come in tropical cocktail colors are inspired by the spirit of Bali, which is known for its beach and nightlife, but is also infused with exotic Hindu culture and is known as the land of gods. Named after Hindu gods and fun cocktails, these earrings are meant to reflect the sunny tropics and party life, while having that touch of the exotic East.

All of our pieces are artisanal and handcrafted by hand, with materials that are always sourced individually and freshly per made-to-order. Hence, some materials used to create this piece might or might not vary slightly from the original photo/description based on what’s in season–from semiprecious stones used down to the fabric/threads used.

These parasol earrings are for made-to-order.



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