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Shinjuku Gyoen Garden Earrings


These golden bird cage earrings with crystal flowers are named after Shinjuku Gyoen Garden, one of the many gardens Japan is known for. I remember how beautiful and picturesque this park was one late afternoon of December 2017, and how the cool weather and mellow skies made the flowers and foliage look cozier. Shinjuku Gyoen Garden was known to be part of the private residence of a feudal Lord and turned into an imperial garden back in the olden times. Back then, Japanese gardens were known to be sacred, and is a place of serenity where we can have a deeper commune with nature, and a deeper connection with God.

The Shinjuku Gyoen Garden earrings are from the Japonesca collection inspired by the Glory of Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun. The country is said to lie close to where the sun rises. In January 1st, 2023, i witnessed the first sun that arose for the new year while sitting outside the shops, having my drink while enjoying the cool weather. The beauty of Japan sits close to my heart, not just because of the cherry blossoms that bloom during springtime, the quaint cities and shops, and pretty garden parks, but because of special time spent with family and God that reminds me that experiences are what make up the beauty of life, that despite the transience of worldly things, love is what brings meaning to our Japanese walks, Japanese things, and Japanese whereabouts.



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