New Year, New You: Must-Have Pieces of Jewelry for 2024
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New Year, New You: Must-Have Pieces of Jewelry for 2024

January 19, 2024
New Year, New You: Must-Have Pieces of Jewelry for 2024

What are the must-have pieces of jewelry for 2024?

  1. Gold Sling Bralette
  2. White Tulips
  3. Sweet Pebbles T-Bracelet
  4. Mermaid’s Tears Earrings
  5. Hola


  • Embracing the new year with a new version of you in the world of fashion will be elevated with statement jewelry.
  • Classy and ambitious pieces of jewelry are meant to boost your confidence and be a sign of self-expression.
  • Flutter produces high-end statement jewelry that can level up your fashion and trend in this new year.

As we step into 2024, a fresh year is a sign of renewed self-expression and style. In the spirit of embracing the mantra “New Year, New You,” we find ourselves exploring the world of fashion and adornment.

If you’re curious about the latest trends that will heighten your look this year, this article will serve as your lookbook for some style transformation with a focus on must-have jewelry in 2024. These statement jewelry pieces embody the essence of this exciting year.

Gold Sling Bralette

Gold Sling Bralette

This black and gold bralette features a round green Onyx stone and fire-flash polished crystals which impart an alluring touch. It is designed to complement various outfits that include formal gowns, low-cut tops, bikinis, and lingerie which adds a sultry element.

Flutter’s gold sling bralette can be worn to enhance the appeal of formal events. This also adds a touch of sophistication to bikinis during beach outings this year.

White Tulips

Fashioned from hand-blown lampwork glass tulips in a pristine white hue, frosted lucite tulips, freshwater pearls, and stainless steel chains and clasps, this statement necklace elegantly blends a diverse array of materials, creating a truly exquisite piece.

To achieve a sophisticated and elegant look, the suggestion is to pair it with a dark turtleneck. The ideal setting for wearing this white pearl statement would be at formal events, evening gatherings, or occasions where an elegant and sophisticated look is desired.

Sweet Pebbles T-Bracelet

Sweet Pebbles T-Bracelet

Exuding charm, this handcrafted jewelry piece highlights chunky Cape Amethyst, Green Aventurine, and Yellow Jade nugget stones, complemented by white freshwater pearls. Meticulously hand-embroidered with gray crystals and white Japanese beads, the intricate detailing adds a touch of refinement to this delightful accessory.

This bracelet not only boasts a sweet, pastel-hued aesthetic but is also infused with the distinct energies of the crystals. It promises to bring a touch of retro sweetness to your outfit which makes it a unique and stylish accessory.

Mermaid’s Tears Earrings

Inspired by the tears of a mermaid, these statement earrings crafted in turquoise follow a distinctive geometric form that gracefully drapes on the ears.

The intricate design includes hand embroidery with turquoise crystals and baby blue Taiwanese beads, creating a charming aesthetic. This pair of earrings is a unique and artistic addition to any jewelry collection for this year.


A stylish and sophisticated letter necklace featuring mother-of-pearl letters, gold iron oxide mineral beads, and a stainless steel clasp and chain.

Whether worn alone for a touch of elegance or layered with other jewelry pieces, this beaded letter necklace exudes class. It is part of our Retro 90s Necklaces Collection drawing inspiration from an era that marks the culmination of a distinctive period.

Key Takeaway

Having new jewelry in the new year is a means of self-expression, staying on trend, celebrating achievements, inviting positive energy sharing sentiments, and adapting to the evolving nature of life.

Flutter crafts amazing and elegant sets of statement jewelry. To check our latest collections and add these must-have jewelry in 2024, you can contact us today!

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