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    Best Online Statement Jewelry Store: Flutter Statement Jewelry

    Statement jewelry can help highlight a certain feature — whether it’s your face, neck, hands, or body. On top of that, your choice of design shows your interests and personality, especially if you’re meeting a person for the first time. Here at Flutter Statement Jewelry, we aim to be the best online statement jewelry store that can offer you your different style needs. Keep on reading to learn more!

    Our Statement Jewelry

    From earrings, body jewelry, bracelet, chokers, to necklaces — all our statement jewelry is carefully handcrafted by skilled professionals with the help of an experienced designer, Katrina Ong. Together, we create the most sought-out pieces that represent age-old tradition, artistic expression, independent style, and current fashion.

    Statement Earrings

    Statement Earrings

    As the best online statement jewelry store, we are known for our long list of statement earrings designs. With more than a hundred variants available, you will surely find something that fits your style.

    From bridal accessories such as the White Tambourine Earrings, something that can be worn to formal events such as the Sparkling Disc Earrings, to a fun and quirky statement piece such as the Circus Earrings — these are just some of the designs that we are proud of.

    Statement Body Jewelry

    Statement Body Jewelry

    Statement jewelry pieces not just highlight your face, neck, or hands, but other body parts as well! Whether it’s a body necklace, bridal capelet, body chain, or jewelry vest — we have a wide array of creative and unique body jewelry for you to choose from.

    These jewelry pieces are capable of adding a sense of luxury, elegance, and style to your outfits — whether you want something sexy like the Dominatrix body harness or need a bridal cape for your wedding.

    Statement Bracelet

    Statement Bracelet

    If you’re looking for the best online statement jewelry store where you can purchase stylish and unique bracelets, you found the right place. Aside from cuff bracelets that can instantly upgrade the look of your formal outfits, we also design pieces that can highlight your arms and the back of your hands.

    Show off your manicured nails and soft hands with our beaded formal hand gloves which are available in a variety of designs. You can also wear our full arm cuffs to make a strong statement wherever you go.

    Statement Necklace And Choker

    Statement Necklace And Choker

    From 90s beaded necklaces to Egyptian wide collar necklaces and pearl chokers — we offer the best statement body jewelry online that you can wear with a casual outfit or a formal one.

    We use a variety of crystals and beads to make each piece special, so make sure to browse our list for plenty of options! Our statement necklaces and chokers are all handmade and designed in a variety of styles — such as art nouveau, minimalist, avant-garde, boho, and hippie.

    Reasons To Purchase Your Statement Jewelry From Flutter

    What makes us different from other statement jewelry stores online is our original handcrafted pieces made by a passionate team of Filipinas. If you’re interested, here are some reasons why you should buy from us!


    Handcrafted Jewelry Pieces

    As the best online statement jewelry store, each of our statement jewelry pieces is original and handcrafted by professionals who pour their heart and soul into each collection. The necklaces, bracelets, or the best statement earrings you purchase is more than just an accessory that attracts the eye.

    Instead, each piece contains a story — of the passion and hard work of the maker, of the unique style and personality you wish to express, and the unlimited possibilities jewelry can create. For this reason, we only make limited quantities of our design.

    Team Of Skilled Filipina Women

    What makes it possible for Flutter to become the best online statement jewelry store is our team of skilled Filipina women. Ever since the old times, embroidery and beadwork have been important art forms and traditions for Filipinas.

    Through our commitment to come up with original designs, we aim to bring this practice back. Because of this, we now have a skilled team of Filipina women who love their work — including Katrina Ong, which is the designer behind each jewelry piece.


    Available For Retail Or Export

    Our statement jewelry pieces here at Flutter are available for retail or export. We can sell our products to consumers, boutiques, and shops that want to showcase the talent of the Filipina woman through beadwork. Because of this, we have clients in the US, European Market, and other overseas countries.

    As the best online statement jewelry store, we are a member of the Philippine Exporters Confederation Inc. (PHILEXPORT)

    Jewelry Featured By Celebrities

    We are grateful for all the love and support for our products, whether you purchase one statement piece or recommend us to your friends. Our position as the best online statement jewelry store will not be possible without you.

    We also had the honor of being featured by international celebrities, companies, and fashion shows — such as Jennifer Lopez, Ashanti, Netflix stars, The CW, Warner Bros, New York Fashion week, and Harper’s Bazaar.


    Purchase Your Accessories From The Best Online Statement Jewelry Store: Flutter Statement Jewelry!

    If you’re looking for the best online statement jewelry store where you can get unique and handcrafted pieces, you can send us a message here at Flutter Statement Jewelry! Aside from our current collections, you should stay tuned for more original designs coming out in the future.